Sparky’s is an ideal entertainment and recreation centre for the whole family.  Built around a Firefly character and friends representing speed, sparkles and foster imagination, Sparky's is a fun destination where children as well as parents can share in the excitement. It features a a “5D” cinema that allows viewers to not only see the movie but also to interact with it, a wide array of rides and arcade games, an indoor ice rink and a massive soft play area  promising intense gaming experience and lots of fun.

Billy Beez

Tala mall is more than a shopping destination with Billy Beez, the world’s largest indoor playground to keep your kids entertained while exploring the adventures of Billy and his family of bees inhabiting the rainforest full of play activities. The entire play structure is built as a soft-play environment to ensure safety goes hand in hand with fun.

IFC shot

IFC SHOOT! brings the world’s number one sport to your favorite mall. Children from 5 to 13 years old can play their favorite game in 10 to 15 minutes matches in a pleasant and fun environment.Try and shoot!.


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Billy Beez